ARTful: using or characterized by art and skill

Salvage: to rescue or save especially from wreckage or ruin

[ARTful] Salvage was born from a love of creating, repurposing and salvaging. I simply abhor seeing perfectly "useful" items headed for the landfill or tucked away in a cardboard box, never seeing the light of day. I believe there is always beauty to be found, even under a layer of rust or a coating of dust. I see scratches, dents or imperfections as badges of honor to be worn proudly. I have a great love for the history, story and life of a piece. We lovingly dream up ways of restoring new life to these discarded and neglected fragments of life. I am glad you are here and hope you will come again often. Please make yourself at home; friends are always welcome. I'd be thrilled to hear from you and get to know you better.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Moving Sale!!

And then some think that sound you hear off in the distance might be the locust.......or don't really want to know! LOL
Anywho....the short version of our chaos is we are October 1st.....yes, in 31 days......really, don't ask! :::sigh::: But the good news is I have decided to host a Moving Sale so you get to have the fun and I get less to pack! :::Smiles::::

So, now is your change to own an original one of a kind piece of repurposed glass ART for your home. They also make excellent wedding, housewarming or birthdays gifts. Don't forget Christmas is like 115 can probably faintly hear sleigh bells in the distance to.....if the zombies are being quiet. :)

Head on over to our Etsy Shop and get you some loot for 20% off! Woo Hoo! Use code: MOVING20 to get your discount.

 Local pick-up is encouraged for FL residents.....convo me for an adjusted invoice!  Any problems or questions.....give me a holler! Please share!

A few goodies waiting for a new, loving home: