ARTful: using or characterized by art and skill

Salvage: to rescue or save especially from wreckage or ruin

[ARTful] Salvage was born from a love of creating, repurposing and salvaging. I simply abhor seeing perfectly "useful" items headed for the landfill or tucked away in a cardboard box, never seeing the light of day. I believe there is always beauty to be found, even under a layer of rust or a coating of dust. I see scratches, dents or imperfections as badges of honor to be worn proudly. I have a great love for the history, story and life of a piece. We lovingly dream up ways of restoring new life to these discarded and neglected fragments of life. I am glad you are here and hope you will come again often. Please make yourself at home; friends are always welcome. I'd be thrilled to hear from you and get to know you better.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

L@@KIE what just landed over in our Etsy shop!

Just in time for a Spring......ARTful Salvage is proud to present: "The Chit Chat Club." I was given this pattern by a great friend and fellow glasser. I knew when I found this 3 pane window it was perfect for these little birdies. I just absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

We believe in retaining as much of the history in each of our 'found' raw materials as we can. For the windows, that means leaving the original glass. It also means, leaving the original finish when possible. We believe there is always beauty to be found in the 'signs of love' in the passage of time and a story to be told (or imagined). We do, however, realize that not all paint and finish is desirable for your home. We seal all of our windows with Polycrylic so they are safe and easy to clean, yet still showcasing there lovely patina when possible. (Small commercial break - We LOVE Polycrylic around here and it is almost ALWAYS our go to sealer. We use it on paint, wood, name it. It has NEVER let us down) We now return to our regular Blog post! :)

The birds were lovingly created by hand cutting and grinding a rainbow of colors of stained glass. The background is created with a random fill mosaic of clear seeded glass, again all individually cut by hand. We make our mosaic windows by gluing the stained glass to the original glass. The window is grouted in a coordinating color and sealed. After a good cleaning and polishing, the window is ready to be displayed in your home or garden.

The Chit Chat Club can be purchased in our Etsy shop. More windows (actually 9) are on the work table and will be hitting the shop soon.

As always, we welcome your feedback. We'd LOVE for you to share our blog with you friends, family and associates. Any questions, give us a shout. Contact me here or on Facebook or our Etsy shop! Love the concept but not this all means, let us know. We LOVE custom orders!

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